Natasha arbetar som barmhärtighetssyster i Slonim. Hennes huvudsakliga uppgift är kontakt med handikappade barn på ett rehab-center och med familjer med handikappade barn.
Hon jobbar även i församlingen med söndagsskola, dockteater och sång & musik tillsammans med barn.

Vill du veta mer om Natasha och hennes arbete kontakta Jörgen & Yvonne Johansson.

Senaste hälsningen från Natasha:

Dear brothers and sisters of Salem church in Mullhyttan!

It’s always a pleasure to know that somewhere in a different country there are people that remember you and support you in your ministry. August is here! The time of camps is over. We were preparing for it the whole spring and now it’s done. I was responsible for the comp program, bible lessons for kids and whole camp activities.

I want to share my joy with saying that we got God’s blessing and support in holding the camp. The cap for handicapped kids was in a new location. It was unusual for them and for camp workers as well. But it was much better than the previous one.  The kids and their parents enjoyed living in the new place. The place is specialized. It has different sports equipment and playgrounds. The centre of the camp was a huge ship made of wood. It’s for meetings, camp opening and other activities. I’m so detailed because I did like the place! I’m sending you a lot of pictures and will be able to see the bible lessons, outdoor and indoor games, and evening meetings in a big hall. The kids had bible lessons every day after breakfast. After having a break they had whole camp games. Every day a pastor from Minsk talked to the parents. Sometimes we had guests from different churches and they participated with their songs and poems.

Among our handicapped kind there are some that can sing well and write poems to glorify the Lord.

Year after year parents and kids become closer to other families. They are more open and ask more questions about God. Parents are active in all kinds of activities.

When they are getting together they look like a small town of very special kids. You look at them and enjoy their simple and nice souls. They are happy and my heart is full of joy that our work isn’t in vain. It’s so important to see this feedback because it was really hard to find finance for the camp. The whole year was spent to find it. But because of consistent work and faith of some brothers and sisters we got the money for the camp. Thanks God!

Everything is over, but there are a lot of pictures made.  So I can look through them and make some conclusions what was good and what requires changes to become better.  I also remember kids’ and their parents’ praying.

The topic of the camp was John 14:15. I taught kids and parents 10 Commandments on my bible lessons. I want to share about one incident in our camp. There was a girl with us. Her name’s Nastya. She’s handicapped since birth. She’s 15 but slow in her development. Once she asked to play with someone’s toy and in 2 days said the toy disappeared somewhere. She said she couldn’t find it. We understood that she liked the toy and didn’t want to give it back. She was afraid to confess about it. After she heard God said not to steal she started thinking and then asked what would happen if she go home and find the toy. I talked to her and she confessed she wanted to leave the toy for herself. She understood she wasn’t right, apologized and returned the toy back to the owner. Nothing serious happened but there was such a struggle in her heart. Thanks God He gave her wisdom!

Speaking about my work in the project “To help kids” I should say I ‘m still in it. Last June a father of a big family with 5 kids died. He had brain cancer. The kids are with mom. But it’s very hard for her because of such a big loss. She’s very depressed. Please, pray for her.

We’ll start our Sunday school in September.  The preparation for Thanksgiving Day has already been started. Our church is small but Sunday school classes are growing. New kids are born in the church families. Thanks God!

We are going to have a seminar in autumn in Minsk. The topic is “Work with elderly and handicapped people”. I’m invited. I think I’ll go to get encouraged spiritually and to learn. I’ll stop for now. I can’t tell you everything in a letter. I hope the pictures will add to my story.

Thank you for your praying, loyalty and faithful friendship. God be your Helper in everything you do!

Blessings to you and your families, sister Nataliya.  28 .08.2015 .Belarus

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